Managed Care - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        How does the DENTCARE plan benefit me and my family?


A.            DENTCARE programs have no deductibles to restrain your use of the plan.  Putting off dental care simply means higher future costs, due to inflation and advancing dental disease.


There are no annual or lifetime maximums and we offer 100% coverage on many dental services.


We have no pre-existing exclusions or special waiting period for coverage. Teeth extracted prior to this coverage are eligible for replacement under many plans.


Q.        What if I need a specialist?


A.         Our programs cover care provided by specialists.  Other programs may have reduced benefits for care given by specialists.  Referrals to DENTCARE screened specialists are handled through your DENTCARE participating provider either at his office or at conveniently located sites.

Q.        Do I have to change dentists if my present dentist is not a listed provider?

 A.         Yes.  Only by utilizing participating providers can DENTCARE programs guarantee the continuing high levels of dental care while maintaining the desirable cost containment features.  Your present provider may already be participating in Dentcare's Managed Care Plan.


Q.        How will my treatment differ under this program from my previous treatment?


A.         You will be treated in the same professional manner that you are accustomed to receive from any family dentist.  However, with this plan you will not have to fill out claim forms.


Q.        We are a family who believes in preventive dental care.  We visit the dentist twice a year for cleanings and examinations.  Is this type of maintenance covered by DENTCARE Plans?


A.         Yes.  You and your family are completely covered for this preventive dental care.  We strongly recommend preventive services and dental health education.  This permits early detection when treatment can be most effective in preventing dental disease.


Q.        How do I enroll in the DENTCARE Plan?


A.         Please contact us for more information.