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Dentcare Delivery Systems, Inc is licensed by the New York State Insurance

Department as a not-for-profit Health  Services Corporation under Article 43 of the Insurance Law.


Dentcare offers traditional fee-for-service dental plans as well as cost-effective managed care plans.


Fee-For-Service Plans provide subscribers with allowances for services rendered

by any dentist. Fees can be based on a fixed schedule of benefits or can be reimbursed according to percentages of usual, customary and reasonable charges. As with most conventional dental programs, these plans can be designed to include such features as deductibles, coinsurance percentages, maximums, predeterminations and assignment of benefits.


Managed Care Plans provide members with access to a wide range of dental benefits, with a special emphasis on preventive dentistry.  These plans cover most services including prosthetics and orthodontic treatment, and have been extremely effective in controlling and reducing the costs of dental care.  Many services in our managed care programs are covered without cost to the subscriber. Other services may have patient co-payments that are paid directly to the provider at the time of service. When specialty care is required, subscribers are referred by their primary care general dentist to participating endodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons and orthodontists. Managed care plans are only available at the offices of participating dentists, but offer exceptional benefits and minimal out-of-pocket costs. There are no deductibles, maximums, waiting periods or claim forms needed in these plans.


For over 25 years, Dentcare has effectively stabilized or reduced dental expenses for hundreds of businesses, school districts, labor organizations and individuals in New York State.


Dentcare is a member of the New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud, Inc. and maintains extensive fraud control programs that further contribute to stability in premiums and benefits.


Claims processing for Dentcare plans and other administrative services are provided by Healthplex, Inc.